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Existing Cool Kiwi Portable Email users can find information on how to change the email account(s) that their Cool Kiwi Portable email addresses deliver to here.

If you appreciate the continued use of your Portable Cool Kiwi email addresses we would appreciate a small voluntary one-time donation of $NZ4.95 to defray the lifetime cost of updating the destination address and continuing to provide the free service. Please tell us your Cool Kiwi email address where asked and then hit the Visa/Mastercard/PayPal Payment button. This is not compulsory but it would be very much appreciated :-)
then Click the Payment button below to continue>>>

If you wish to update the email account(s) to which your emails are delivered simply Fill in the Cool Kiwi Contact Form including the original email account address you provided at signup. In the message box tell us the new email account you wish to link your address to and your existing address.

Remember, you can use the service completely free and all donations are voluntary.

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