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Writing Internet Personal Ads

Men's Ads

The most frequent complaints men have about internet dating are that women don't respond to their ads or their e.mail. You can avoid both these problems by following a few simple guidelines while writing both your free ad and your responses to womens' ads.

See a real ad which has generated several hundred responses in a few short months!

Guidelines - How to Write Effective Personal Ads

l) BE HONEST. The fastest way to ruin what might have been a beautiful friendship is to lie. Hide the fact that you are a single father of 5 year-old triplets, and miss a chance to find the woman who wants to love them and share your parental joys.

Dishonesty will always be caught sooner or later. Allow others to make informed decisions about what they will and will not accept, based on an honest representation of yourself.

As a fit person you would likely be disappointed to learn that the woman you've been writing for the last month weighs 250 pounds, and not l25 as stated. She may feel likewise to learn you are the U.S. president, and not the sole object of your adoration!

Be truthful and avoid the pain, heartache, disappointment and separation caused by dishonesty. Open yourself to incredible happiness by allowing others to love you as you are, for who you are.

2) CREATE A 'GRABBER'. A 'grabber' is an attention-getting headline which stands out above the rest and demands to be read. There are many, many 'DWM's, 44, seeking love' out there. Be different, even if you ARE a 'DWM, 44, seeking love'.

Check out the competition. What attracts your attention to their ads? Note those which stand out have clarity and are original, personal, and direct. What can you say about yourself in a single sentence which makes you irresistible to the opposite sex?

If you truly seek love and long-term commitment, comments here about length, size and shape of 'physical' attributes are a turn-off to women who seek men of intellectual, emotional, and spiritual substance. Pornographic headlines are not accepted into the database. If you are well-endowed with a fabulous sense of humour, use it! Nothing attracts so quickly as laughter and goodwill.

3) BE SPECIFIC. You know who you are and what you want..tell them about it! Almost everyone seems to enjoy 'moonlit walks, candlelight dinners, and strolls on the beach'. Be specific about values held and sought, in addition to naming hobbies and interests. If you know your soulmate is a Buddhist, say so. If you are adamant about remaining childless, convey that too. State your willingness to travel. The woman in Paris may not respond when she notes you live in Rio, if you fail to mention that geographic location is no barrier. What is your personal mantra? Share it. The woman who understands and appreciates it best, is the one who will reply.

4) BE POSITIVE. Let your natural exuberance and zest for life shine through in your writing. Negativity repels. You may elicit an offer from a counselling service if you project a woebegone, or suicidal attitude, but you probably won't attract your soulmate.

5) BEST FOOT FORWARD. You wouldn't (hopefully) show up on a first date unwashed and unkempt, would you? Likewise, if your spelling skills are somewhat lacking, consult a dictionary before submitting your otherwise artfully crafted and well-thought-out ad.

6) BE HONEST, BE HONEST, BE HONEST. One aspect which cannot be over-stated!!

Your skillfully written, heartfelt and humourous ad is complete and posted online, but don't stop there!! Why wait for someone to seek you out, when you can increase your chances multi-fold by Joining NZFriendFinder and Responding to all the women who spark your interest?

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