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Sometimes it's hard to be a (Kiwi) Woman...

Here's a worrying statistic for young, single Kiwi women. Did you know that due to the massive exodus of young Kiwi men from New Zealand over the last 25 years (sometimes called 'the brain drain'), there are now over 20,000 more females than males in the 30 to 39 age group in New Zealand?

That's great news for single Kiwi males in that age group but terrible news for thirtysomething Kiwi women looking for an eligible Kiwi bachelor... As the classic Country song immortalised a second time by The Blues Brothers goes, "sometimes it's hard to be a woman..."

But there's no need to despair, ladies. There is very good news and there is still hope for meeting 'Mr. Right', right here in New Zealand. It's surprisingly easy, quick and it doesn't cost a cent!

Males still outnumber females more than 2 to 1 in the thirtysomething age group at Now that helps to even the scales a bit for we Kiwi women, eh?

Better still, at NZFriendFinder it's FREE to
Post Your Profile and introduce yourself to all those eligible Kiwi men out there. And it's FREE to connect with interesting people.

NZFriendFinder spokeswoman Julie Fairley, "More and more intelligent, educated single New Zealand women are discovering that using a free online friendship service like NZFriendFinder really does make good sense. Whereas a few years ago couples who met online might have joked that they would have to tell their friends and relatives that they met at a bar or a nightclub, these days the coin has flipped the other way. Meeting through a popular free online service like NZFriendFinder is now considered to be the smarter and more respectable option. Most of us knows some great couples who met that way. Bar-hopping is the less respectable-sounding way to meet potential partners now. Not to mention that meeting a stranger in a bar or a nightclub is a more potentially dangerous way for a single woman to meet new people. The fact is, New Zealand women these days have important careers and busy lifestyles. For these smart, successful (and paradoxically still single) women, a free, professional service like NZFriendFinder really is a godsend. It's a New Zealand service whose time has come, and I'm proud to be a part of it."

Internet dating is achieving wild popularity amongst net-wise singles here in New Zealand and worldwide. And for good reason.
Placing a personal ad is free, requires little effort and quickly yields numerous responses. Ladies, prepare to be deluged with potential suitors! Guys-remember there's 20,000 more single ladies here in NZ than there are single guys. Either way, male or female, you can't lose by placing a free anonymous Profile at NZFriendFinder.

There are literally millions of singles seeking partners via the Net. If you are able to travel the planet freely in search of your soulmate, you may choose to conduct a global search. You may also spend MONTHS reading all those ads! Or, you can restrict your search to your hometown and meet someone in person sooner. Do you want to meet a tall dark and handsome doctor in Remuera, Auckland New Zealand? PlugIn your Preferences and start perusing those photos! Too restrictive and you limit your options. Thirty-five year old, Jamaican astronauts in Queenstown are difficult to locate, full stop. Perhaps you'll find a thirtysomething Olympic bobsledteam member there instead. It doesn't hurt to look!

One advantage to Registering with NZFriendFinder is the opportunity to learn much about a person before meeting face-to-face. How do they present themselves in writing? Is he articulate, interesting, charming, knowledgeable and courteous? Does she sound as lovely as she looks? Deep, intimate and lasting friendships may be formed when mind-to-mind, heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul connections are established before meeting in person.

If a man e-mails you volumes of heartfelt prose and poetry everyday for two or three months, chances are he's interested in more than a casual affair. He may also be unemployed with too much unproductive time on his hands, or be afraid of making a more concrete connection. Ask questions and trust your intuition. Written exchange also allows you to 'look before you leap' into the physical realm and may limit the possibility of proceeding with haste when lust overwhelms rational thought.

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Add a Photo and/or a voice sample and get noticed! Many members use the 'photos only' option to search, and your ad may be overlooked by Mr. or Ms. Right if your picture is not on file. You may upload a photo, or mail it in for scanning. Either option is free. He'll want to know what you look like, and better that he finds out sooner than later that you truly are as gorgeous as you say. If she's a mountain-biking, rock-climbing, ski-racing athlete looking for same, she won't waste your time and encourage disappointment when she sees you are a member of the 'high-cholesterol eat-three-large-pizzas-a-day' gourmet club. You WILL attract the lady who wants to join your club though! Be proud of who you are and show yourself!

Sounds easy, right? It is, but there are a few things to consider before rushing off to place your ad. Demographic polls indicate that men significantly outnumber women online. Men's ads should be written to stand out amongst the competition and get attention! Women's ads must specify qualities and attributes sought, or risk generating more mail than there is time in a day to read, let alone time to respond to. Read 'How to Write Effective Personal Ads and Email' for men and for women to get responses and meet the person of your dreams sooner.


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