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Why Sign Up for 'Cool Kiwi' Web-based Email?

1. Cool Kiwi is a premium email service that doesn't scan your messages to target ads
'Cool Kiwi' web-based email comes with 2 Gigabytes to 5 gigabytes of storage space for your emails and attachments.

2. A Cooler Email Address
It's a pretty safe bet your preferred name is one of the millions not available at most other Web-Based email services. Sign Up for a Cool Kiwi Webmail Account and see if you can get the email name you always really wanted. With Cool Kiwi you now get three 'Cool Kiwi' email addresses - a email address to send and receive with and and the equivalent coolkiwinz address and the equivalent address- all linked to the same webmail account inbox. This all adds up to heaps more email names available compared with most other web-based email accounts.

3. Cool Kiwi is a private email service not a 'free' advertiser sponsored one
Free email services often scan user's email messages to target ads. This is necessary because nothing is really free and the email providers have to cover the cost of oroviding the service somehow. So they advertise or sell your personal data. Cool Kiwi is diffetent. We are powered by Mail Plus which charges a modest yearly fee so we don't have to advertise and the total privacy of your messages is assured. >Sign Up Now and see the difference for yourself, with a money back guarantee.

4. With Mail Plus you always look professional.
Web-based email services are convenient when you're out and about, because they allow you to receive and send with your email account anywhere you can get to a web browser. That's great for a busy person like yourself, except that you also want to look professional. Most web-based email services add signature lines advertising different services at the end of each sent email. That can ruin your otherwise professional image. Did you know your Free email signature line probably says something like 'Get Your FREE email address at' Thats not the sort of thing you want the people you are trying to impress to be reading at the end of your carefully crafted message, when you're emailing a business presentation or a job application.

So if you want email that's as convenient as hotmail but always makes you look professional, Mail Plus from Cool Kiwi is the answer. Mail Plus combines the convenience of Web-based email with the Professionalism of a business-class email service.

With Mail Plus you can send and receive emails through the Web with no advertising or potentially embarrassing signature lines. You can also access your email account with your favourite email software. There's superior virus protection and SPAM-email protection built in, and 24 hour Premium customer support. With up to a massive 5 gigabytes of Webmail storage or more, Mail Plus handles even the largest attachments. And although it doesn't cost nothing, it costs just a few cents per day. So if you want a professional email account with the convenience of Web-based email, get Mail Plus

5. It's Globally available, and it's Made in New Zealand
Cool Kiwi is a fully-featured, global ad-free 'Mail Plus' email service with Webmail, POP and IMAP access. Support the Kiwi attitude and help New Zealand teach the rest of the world's global email services about the 'Kiwi Attitude', by signing up for your own 'CoolKiwi' email account. You can also use 'CoolKiwi' to check all your other (POP) email accounts.

Sign up Now for your Cool Kiwi Email Account.

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