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NZ Friend Finder Portable Email Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Cool Kiwi Portable Email?

Cool Kiwi Portable Email is a set of free New Zealand themed email addresses that seamlessly deliver emails to any email account you own worldwide. (E.G. Gmail, hotmail, your work email account or any other email account you use.)

If you are looking for Cool Kiwi Free Webmail, this is available at

2. What is my email address?

Your email address is whatever name you selected and and

That's right - any and all of these email addresses will reach you at any email account you specified.

3. Is my Cool Kiwi portable email address free?

Yes it's completely free and there is no advertising whatsoever.

3. Why can't I log in?

Cool Kiwi Portable Email is a portable email forwarding address which you can use with any email account. Please see the answer to question 3. above if you require an webmail account to log into.

4. How much storage space do I get for my emails and attachments?

Cool Kiwi Portable Email is an email forwarding service which you can use with any email account. It is not an email account in itself. is a New Zealand Webmail Service with 1 Gigabyte FREE New Zealand webmail accounts expandable to 5 gigabytes or more.

4. How can you give me all this for Free? What do you get out of it?

As kiwis ee were tired of seeing big global companies controlling the New Zealand email address market and yet we recognised these email accounts offer valuable service and features. So we decided to do something different. We think New Zealanders deserve a uniquely Kiwi address regardless of which email account provider they choose to use. We charge nothing for this service but if you like the service and want to send us a small donation to help defray our costs of providing the service you can do so here

5. Is there any advertising?

There is absolutely no advertising inserted in messages sent to your Cool Kiwi Portable Email addresses.

The Cool Kiwi Free Webmail Service contains advertising within the Webmail interface to pay for the service, similar to other popular Webmail services, but Cool Kiwi does NOT scan email content to target advertising.
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Webmail users enjoy a totally ad-free Cool Kiwi Webmail service.

6. Sounds Cool ! Where do I sign up?

Visit our Free Signup page to get your Free Cool Kiwi Portable email address.

OR Want FREE Cool Kiwi Webmail as well and not just an email address?
Sign up Now for your FREE Cool WebMail Account.

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