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Increase repeat visits to your New Zealand website with Cool Kiwi Webmail
As a New Zealand Webmaster you can increase repeat visitors to your site by giving your visitors a great reason to keep returning.

Cool Kiwi webmail is a New Zealand's own popular web-based email service with over 40,000 users and growing fast.

Now You can tap into these repeat visitors by adding a Cool Kiwi web-based email login box to your site.

Adding a login box near the top of your home page is the best way to encourage visitors to keep returning to check their emails.

As regular visitors they will be more likely to purchase from your site! Webmail opens in a new window, so visitors never leave your site.
To add a login box to your site:
1. Select which login box you would like to add to your site
2. Copy the code below that box
3. Paste the code into your web page
Email Box #1

Webmail Login
New users
FREE sign up
Why Sign Up?

Email Box #2

Webmail Login

New users sign up!

Why Sign Up?

Free Email Forwarding

Email Box #3
Webmail Login

New users sign up!


Note: Many HTML (WYSIWYG) editors may reformat the HTML code. If you experience problems with the login box, please compare the HTML code on your web page against the HTML code provided. will not support any modified HTML codes.